Product Review: Fun Thinkers

I mentioned some time back that one of the other products I bought from Grolier was their Fun Thinkers puzzle game.  Well, here it is…

Similar to the Piccolo puzzle, it comes with books covering three categories – Math, English, and Thinking Skills.

Fun Thinkers

To play the puzzle, you set up 16 tiles in number order as shown.

Fun Thinkers

Open the book to the page of the puzzle you want your child to work on and align the board as shown below.  Pick up the first tile and find its corresponding picture on the opposite page and cover it with the tile.

Fun Thinkers

The puzzle below is from the “Thinking Skills” category.  Your child is supposed to complete the picture on the left page by finding its other half on the right page.

Fun Thinkers

Once all the tiles are placed in their answer boxes, you can close the board and flip it over to match the colours from the underside of the tiles with the picture in the top right hand corner of the book.  A correct match means all questions were answered correctly.

Fun Thinkers

Although this product isn’t as ideal on the go as the Piccolo is, it is still a fun activity to do at home.  It is self-correcting, so your child can check his own answers.  Gavin likes the Piccolo puzzle, but I think he enjoys playing Fun Thinkers even more.

Here is a video of Fun Thinkers in action on Youtube:

Published by Shen-Li

SHEN-LI LEE is the author of “Brainchild: Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Potential”. She is also the founder of (a website on parenting, education, child development) and (a website on Right Brain Education, cognitive development, and maximising potentials). In her spare time, she blogs on Forty, Fit & Fed, and Back to Basics.

18 thoughts on “Product Review: Fun Thinkers

  1. Hi Shen-Li

    I have written earlier, not sure have it gone through. My question – Can you recall how much you have bought funthinker n do they come with the books. I read from amazon that some parents bought without realising they are tiles only – and they cant find any books available on amazon.


  2. apologies, i just read that the ones you bought came with the books. I read about how it works – similar in doing wksheets – they just add the tiles and the fun of doing self check. Can you then review more if is it popular to the child and do they get bore easily? Questions in the book – are they good? Cos i think it must be expensive, and would like to know more before investing..Thanks!


    1. Hi Angfeline,

      I don’t know how much it would cost individually because I bought mine as a package from Grolier with other stuff. It comes with the entire set – grid with tiles plus 10 books (3 English, 3 Math, 3 Brain Development, and 1 mixed category). I thought they were pretty good. The only bits I don’t like are the coins which are American and even I don’t know the answers without cheating.

      Aristotle, who is now 5, no longer likes to do them. He really enjoyed it when he was younger. I probably should have let him do more when he was really into it. He liked the brain development best, followed by English and least of all was Math. Even after he stopped enjoying it, I tried to bribe him to continue because it felt a waste not to continue using the books. But after a while, he worked out how to cheat so I found it was pointless anyway. He could look at the answer grid and figure out where to put the tiles.

      Hercules, who is 2, is still too young for it. I have tried to show him how to use it but he doesn’t really get the idea yet. He loves to play with the grid and count the numbers so I let him. When he’s a bit older, I figure we can start working on the books.


  3. thank you for your review,i will consider if i am buying a not cos i think its quite exensive..haaha..i laugh when i saw your comment on him cheating thats called smart cheating, well, in order to do that he do need to put on his thinking cap too!


  4. Hi Shen-Li, I was searching Funthinkers books all over internet,,, for my mother in law. (She thinks its good educational books & game for my little sister in law) However, We live in US, and it seems to be not able to get any of it in US, discontinued probably whoever originally sells in US.
    My sister lives in KL, so my mother in law think she might able to get it for her. I didn’t know that it only sell by direct selling. I know it might sounds rude..but could you able to tell me how much you paid for the set?? I think the set comes with 11 books with frame & tiles….
    It would help me a lot to decide to whether I need to ask my sister to contact to Grolier buy it or not.
    Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!!


    1. Hi Jasmine,

      Sorry for the late reply and I’m happy to help. The cost depends on the promotion they are running. As far as I understand, to purchase Fun Thinkers on its own would cost more than if you were to purchase a packaged deal from Grolier. The package deal can be agreed upon by looking at the other products they have and selecting the ones you want. At one point, they were giving Fun Thinkers away for free but you have to buy x amount before you can get it. I paid about RM2200 (forget the exact amount) to get Logico Piccolo, Fun Thinkers (entire set) and a series of books on how it works. If I’m not mistaken, to get Fun Thinkers on its own will cost about RM 1k. It might be cheaper now because I went back to buy the Logico Primo and Maximo, Smart Brain Training, and Words, Words, Words and it cost me about RM3k+. You can contact them directly and ask them about their promotion range first.

      They have more products than what they show on the website but the rest are mostly books (encyclopedias, etc.) from Britannica and Scholastic.

      Hope that helps.


  5. Hi Shen-Li,

    Just to let u know, Shichida sells a very similar set of educational game to Fun Thinkers- 10 books with a set of 16 tiles for about Rm 300 only. We use it during the class and I also heard from other mother that u can get a similar set (only 9 tiles) from Popular for a cheaper price but I haven’t check that out yet.


    1. Thanks SK! I did see them but didn’t know how much they were because they were in a glass cabinet in the Ikano branch and there was no one manning the counter. Since I already had the Fun Thinkers I didn’t really enquire further. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure others will be glad to know that it’s much cheaper to buy the Popular set.

      Unfortunately, the Shichida one is only available to parents with children attending Shichida.


    1. You can try contacting the office in the Philippines:

      Grolier International, Inc.
      Penthouse 1, Prestige Tower,
      F. Ortigas Jr Road (formerly Emerald Avenue)
      Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605,
      Tel: +63 (2) 6313 587


  6. My name is Bijendra Singh.
    I am an educational consultant at grolier international.
    India only.
    If any body buy complete set if grolier out of India then you have to deposit money in company account and by courier you will get products.

    Call me for demonstrate in India


  7. Hi Shen Li,

    I love this website and the great recommendations that it has. Can I check what age can we start the fun thinkers.



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