Milestones: Reading

Gavin’s been reading to himself.  He surprised me the other night when he started reading out aloud to himself.  I was busy nursing Gareth to sleep but promised him I would read to him once Gareth had fallen asleep.  Gareth usually responds to my voice and won’t sleep if I’m talking so I couldn’t read to Gavin until Gareth had fallen asleep.

Normally, when Gavin “reads” to himself, he is usually flicking through the pages and looking at the pictures.  Occasionally, he might throw in some dialogue which he makes up himself based on what he remembers of the story, or it might be something relating to the pictures in the book.

The only reason I knew he was reading was because the flow of his words was not smooth flowing.  If he makes up the words, the flow is conversational.  That night there were stops in between the words as he took a moment to decipher the word before articulating it out aloud.  Intrigued I looked over his shoulder and saw him with his finger under each word he was reading out aloud.  With the words he didn’t know, he either made a best guess or he made up the story based on what he remembered.

His teacher mentioned that he had been reading at school, but this was the first time I had ever seen him do it.  I guess he never wanted to read around me before because he usually wanted me to read to him.  He still enjoys having me read to him but he will read to himself when I’m busy with Gareth.  Last night, he was even reading to Gareth – although whether that was intentional or incidental (Gareth just happened to be next to him at the time), I don’t know.


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6 thoughts on “Milestones: Reading

  1. I am soooooooo jealous!!!

    Ben is still not reading even though I flash him words….sigh. I am so tired of reading to him sometimes. 🙂 Well done!


  2. Thanks ladies. I am happy to see his progress but I’ve always known he could read before this. Just never seen him reading a book – only words from menus, newspapers, signs, etc.

    Hui-Wearn – it starts with the pictures. Gavin was the same. Initially only interested in the pictures. I tried to teach him to read before – bought him one of those “step-by-step” readers. He memorised the book and “read” it back to me with his eyes on the pictures.

    Irene – Don’t worry. Ben is learning the words. He’s probably just enjoying your attention by letting you read to him. Gavin is the same – he won’t do anything on his own if he thinks he can get me to help him. Enjoy the time now. They grow up too fast and soon he won’t want you to read to him any more.


  3. Yes, I love it when the boys enjoy each others’ company.

    Gavin was so good to his brother on the journey back from Singapore – Gareth was fussing a lot and Gavin played with Gareth to make him laugh. He is such a good older brother.


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