Glenn Doman Teaching Kits

One of the good things about having to attend Henguru with Gavin is that I get to see how they run the program.  That way, if my boys don’t like the classroom setting, I could copy the program at home.  The only thing is that I would need to have the materials at home.

From what I had seen of the Glenn Doman program, I know that the Math Kit they sell provides the cards with the red dots which I have seen them use in Henguru. Now that Glenn Doman finally have a representative in Malaysia, I no longer have to resort to buying the kit internationally.  Unfortunately, the Math Kit costs RM1038.

When I spoke to the Glenn Doman representative, they said that for a child Gavin’s age, he would be bored by the Math Kit.  The Reading Kit and the “Bits of Intelligence Cards” would be more appropriate for him.  The Reading Kit costs RM1738 and the “Bits of Intelligence Cards” costs RM150 per set and RM141 per set if you buy 10.  In total they have 24 sets of “Bits of Intelligence Cards”.

“Bits of Intelligence Cards” are basically cards are basically cards about a specific topic with information on them.  For instance these are the topics they have:

1.  Reptiles
2.  Amphibians
3.  Butterflies & Moth
4.  Flowers
5.  Mammals
6.  Insects
7.  Sea Creatures
8.  Primates
9.  Leaves

10. Polygons

Human Physiology:
11. Organs of the Body

12. Musical Instruments
13. Works of Leonardo Da Vinci
14. Works of Vincent Van Gogh
15. Composers
16. Great Art Masterpieces

Foreign Language:
17. Basic Vocabulary

18. Self Portrait of Great Artists
19. World Leaders
20. Air Vehicles
21. Land Vehhicles
22. Presidents of USA
24. Inventors

At the time I first encountered Glenn Doman and saw their Kits online, I was reluctant to buy them because they cost so much.  Now it looks like I’ve been penny wise, pound foolish because here I am contemplating buying the kits…

The good thing about being able to buy the kits locally is that they hold workshops to teach you how to use the kits properly.  They also send the products to your doorstep if you decide to buy them.  When they drop the products off, they will also show you how to use them so you don’t have to wait until a workshop comes around before using them.  They also promised a special gift if you decide to buy their kits (although I don’t know what it is since I haven’t bought their kit).

When I spoke to the lady on the phone, she was very helpful and accommodating.  I shared with her my past experiences and programs I had done with Gavin and she provided her professional insight on which products she felt would be most useful to me.  Although I haven’t decided what I will get, I did hang up the phone with a pretty good impression of the local distributor.

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2 thoughts on “Glenn Doman Teaching Kits

    1. Sorry Khylie, we don’t sell Glenn Doman Flash Cards. Have you taken a look at the Gentle Revolution website? If you are in Malaysia, I have seen the kits selling at Blue Dot Baby in Bangsar Village and in MPH 1Utama. I think you can also look for Glenn Doman Baby who will send a representative out to meet you – or at least they did when I bought my kits.


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