Baby Rooms and Nursing on the Go

Now that I have another baby, I have been on the alert for more baby rooms again.  I’m glad to say that facilities have improved enormously since my days of nursing Gavin in shopping mall baby rooms…

1. BSC now has three nursing rooms

  • Mothercare on level 2, east wing
  • Level 3, west wing
  • Level 4, west wing

Mothercare has two cubicles – one purely for nursing and one that allows you to nurse and change diapers.  The nursing room on level 3 of the west wing has an arm chair for nursing, a sink for washing up and some bench space for changing diapers.  I didn’t check out level 4, which is the dedicated children’s area.

2. Pavilion finally got around to furnishing their baby rooms.  When it was first completed, the only nursing room/baby changing room was one small and cramped room in Parkson.  The other baby rooms in the complex were temporary hideouts for the cleaning crew.

Some time back, I took a peek and discovered that they are now nicely decked out complete with nursing arm chair, changing station, sink and attached toilet.  The best thing about the toilet is that they have a child-size toilet perfect for potty training your toddler.  Gavin liked it so much that he started asking me to take him to the toilets wherever we went and was always disappointed with the venues that did not have child-size toilets.

In terms of practicalities, I find that the setup in Pavilion is probably about as close as it is going to get to the ideal “family” room because it is the most complete.  Aside from the usual practicalities of being able to change your child’s diapers and nurse your baby, there is an adjoining toilet if Mummy needs to go.  In most other shopping malls, it is very inconvenient for a mother to go to the toilet if she’s the only one out with the baby – there is not enough room to wheel in the pram into the cubicle and there is no place to put baby if you want to take your baby into the cubicle.  I doubt many mothers would feel comfortable leaving their baby in a public toilet even if they are just two steps away in a cubicle where they can’t see their baby.  Additionally, the toilet is separated from the nursing station so you don’t have to feed your baby next to the toilet.  Last but not least, they have the child-size toilet for a potty training toddler.  Most other shopping malls are usually lacking various features which detract from their practicality.

The next most convenient would have to be The Gardens – purely because of the quantity of family rooms.  There are usually three family rooms near the toilets.  Each room has its own sink, toilet chair and changing station.  They aren’t often used (except for the one on LG near Cold Storage), so they are usually fairly clean.  If they weren’t kept clean, it would be quite unpleasant to nurse in there.

Then again, since I’m more experienced with the whole nursing thing, I find that I no longer need the nursing room because I can nurse on the go.  With Gareth in the carrier, all I have to do is drape the nursing cover over his head, help him latch on and we’re good to go.

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6 thoughts on “Baby Rooms and Nursing on the Go

  1. Yes, they’ve come a long way since I was breastfeeding Gavin… It’s good to see.

    Now if they could only do something about the ramps and be “completely” wheel-friendly around the malls. I find it ironic that they can make ramps to by-pass the stairs but forget to add the ramp from the sidewalk. Or the fact that they build barriers to stop people taking supermarket trolleys into specific areas which also block prams…


  2. Hi Shen-Li, Do you have any recommendation for a nursing cover?
    Some dads choose to ignore the ‘Mothers & Babies Only’ sign and sit around in the nursing room. (Metrojaya Midvalley). This makes bf rather awkward as there are no curtains separating the cubicles. I might even try bf in public if it works out with the nursing cover! *doubtful*


  3. Oh, good to know metrojaya midvalley has a nursing room! How is it?

    As for nursing covers, I use the black one that they sell at the first few years:

    It’s available from The First Few Years in The Curve. I have seen it at a few other places, too, but I cannot recall where exactly.

    To be honest, any fabric you can drape around yourself works just as well, but I like this because it is convenient to put on. I just throw it over my head and make sure it covers my baby and we’re good to go.

    As for nursing in public with the cover – it’s actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. The challenge is when your baby gets older and starts to want to pull the cover away – that’s Gareth now so these days I only nurse him on the go if he’s too tired to be a busybody.


  4. It’s not so appealing; it even smells a little. But it is d only nursing room I can find at d old wing. I much prefer isetan n robinson’s at gardens. I love d nursing chair at isetan, just the right height n size for me. I’m quite disappointed that BV2 does not hv a nursing rm as it’s d mall I frequent most. Perhaps if more mommies write in to the mgmt they’ll consider putting in one?


  5. Oh dear… Yeah, it’s disappointing that there aren’t more nursing rooms around. Jaya Jusco should have one, too, right? I thought they are usually pretty baby friendly. They even have a child-size toilet.

    Yeah, I was really surprised when BV2 didn’t have a nursing room. It’s pretty appalling considering BV is such a Mum’s hangout… We definitely should write in.


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