Toy Kitchens for Little Boys?

Who says toy kitchens are just for little girls?

Gavin has had an interest in the kitchen since he was very young.  He loved being in the kitchen, he loved “helping” my SIL bake, he loved pretending to cook and he love playing with the kitchen sets at school and at his god-sister’s house.

Although hubby was rather adamant against buying Gavin a toy kitchen, he finally relented to buying toy food.  Since Gavin was already turning his blocks and any other coloured toys into make believe food, it seemed ironic to deny him the toys.  Besides, he could also practice “cutting” up food with a toy knife which I’m sure is good for developing his manual dexterity…

One thing hubby hasn’t budged on is the toy kitchen.  Walking through Toys ‘R’ Us, he once asked me: “Do you see any boys in any of these pictures?”  Indeed, I was hard pressed to find a kitchen set featuring a boy on the box.  It seemed odd that toy companies were failing to capitalise on this avenue when it was clearly evident that many little boys enjoy playing in the kitchen as much as the next activity.  Besides, don’t they say that the best chefs in the world are men?  So why are we so afraid of allowing our little boys explore their culinary interests?

Recently, while walking through the new Mothercare in Bangsar Shopping Complex, I discovered ELC’s Sizzling Kitchen with Accessories which seems to have corrected this oversight.  Not only do they feature a boy playing with the kitchen set on the box, but they also offer the set in blue…

As you can see, Gavin thoroughly enjoyed playing with the display set.  It comes with a dishwasher, oven, stove and sink, along with various other kitchen utensils and is priced at a cool RM650.

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