Toddler Potty Training: Progress or Lack Thereof

After months and months, we seem to have made very little progress.  We’re still diapering Gavin at night and when we go out because he usually tells me he needs to pee at the point when he has to go NOW!  For that reason I bought him cloth pull up diapers so we can be kinder to the environment.  The intention was to get him to wear them when he sleeps and when we go out and stick to underwear while we were at home.  I’d also noticed that the garters on his Mamy Poko pull-ups were making him itch so I was sure the transition to cloth would be well received.  Unfortunately, Gavin seems to be a stickler for routine and didn’t want to switch to his new cloth pull up diapers…

I haven’t been too concerned about getting Gavin completely potty trained because I do realise that there may be a regression after Gareth is born.  Aside from that, it hasn’t exactly been easy trying to take a toddler to the toilet when you’ve got a huge bump to carry around as well.  I figure there will be plenty of time to get him fully potty trained after we settle into a routine with Gareth.  For the time being, I’m just happy if he uses the toilet and if he doesn’t, well, too bad.

I have noticed a few things though…

Gavin is sometimes reluctant to wear underwear and keeps insisting he is a baby and need his diapers.  I suspect this is because he finds it convenient to wear a diaper – there is no need to break off from his activities to go to the toilet because he can just let it go in the diaper.  My suspicions were confirmed when I ran out of underwear one day and popped a diaper on for him.  Ordinarily, he can last quite long in underwear without peeing.  I think the diaper must have been on for about 45 minutes at the most and he had already peed into it.  The other clue was when he asked me, “Mummy am I wearing a diaper?”  When I said, “Yes,” he paused for a moment then said, “Mummy, I wee wee.”

He is clearly aware of the need to hold and the need to go.  He is also capable of holding his pee.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to want to go to the toilet and will hold his pee until he cannot hold any longer or it leaks out.  At such times, he will inform me that he needs to pee.

He is also quite capable of pooping into the toilet bowl.  I suspect he dislikes the sensation of having poop stuck to his bottom because he gets extremely distressed every time he does poop into his diaper.  The poop regressions occurred when Gavin started getting constipated so I decided to let him poop in his diaper to remove some of the pressure of needing to poop.  I figured if he felt a little more relaxed about when he could poop, he might not have as much trouble pooping.  Now that we seem to be past the constipation problem, he’s gone back to pooping into the toilet bowl – phew!

Cloth Diaper Pull-ups and Training Pants

As I mentioned before, I bought him some Happy Heiny’s Pocket training pants and some Lovey Bums.  They’ve all arrived and we have yet to test their absorbency.  I have gotten Gavin to wear the Happy Heiny’s twice.  The only problem was that I bought Size S thinking it would fit him but his thighs are a little big and one of the snaps keeps getting undone.  Looks like I might have to consider getting the Size M.  In the meantime, lets just see if he continues to wear them first.

The Lovey Bums feel really nice but Gavin hasn’t tried them on, yet.  I hope he likes them.  My only gripe about the Lovey Bums is that they don’t come with pockets so that means the whole diaper gets washed and takes longer to dry because the padding cannot be removed and dried separately.

The other benefit of having side snaps on Gavin’s cloth pull up diapers is that I can still put them on Gavin even when he is being uncooperative about wearing them.  For some reason, he seems like enjoy running around bare-bottom…


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2 thoughts on “Toddler Potty Training: Progress or Lack Thereof

  1. I am so glad to read this post. Before you take it the wrong way… hehe… this is because my Top Monkey has been confidently predicting that we’ll do away with diapers in half a year’s time. ???? I have no idea why he thinks that.

    So I’m kinda relieved to know that it’s not all that easy and I won’t feel like a failure come 6 months later when Connor is still needing diapers.

    Maybe I should leave the potty training to Daddy… hmmmm…. gosh, I’m so brilliant sometimes I scare myself.


  2. It’s easy for Dad’s to make such presumptions when they aren’t the ones dealing with it.

    Charlie did the same thing to me when Gavin wouldn’t drink his prune juice to help with his constipation. Charlie said, “Make sure he finishes the juice.” Then he walked out. And I’m like, “Gee, great! Thanks for helping!” Later he comes back in and says, “How come he hasn’t finished his juice?” And I’m like, “Since you’re so smart, why don’t you get him to finish it.” Needless to say, Daddy wasn’t any more successful than I was.

    Once Daddy’s had a go of it, he might just alter his presumptions… :-p


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