Green Living: Cloth Diaper Pull-Ups

Since I was going green with the new baby, I figured it was time to start doing the same with Gavin. Although he is partially toilet trained during the day, I think it will be quite a while before we get him fully trained overnight. Even now he still pees in his sleep while napping.

To cut down our usage of disposables, I started searching for cloth diaper pull-ups.  They are also labelled as training pants. They weren’t quite as easy to find as I expected.  Although there are a whole host of training pants available, what I wanted was very specific.  I didn’t want the kind of training pants I bought initially when I first started toilet training Gavin.  Those were more like underwear with a plastic covering – they were completely useless for soaking up pee, although they could prevent minor ones – VERY minor ones.

The kind of training pants I wanted were effectively cloth diapers made in the pull-up style – kind of like the disposable pull-ups which are fast becoming popular for use on wriggly toddlers.  I wanted to be sure that they could actually soak up pee if Gavin leaks while sleeping.

I’m sure there are others (if you’ve used any, feel free to share the brands and the links in the comments below), but these were the ones I found which seemed to suit my purposes best.  They are from Happy Heiny’s.


What I like about them is that they are pull-up pocket diapers. I can use the inserts I bought with my Mommy’s Touch diapers to increase absorbency so I don’t need to get extra inserts. Since the inserts can be removed, it also means it will be quick drying. The down side is that it is made with a PUL outer cover – not very breathable. The up side is that they claim it can be worn for up to 12+ hours which is great for overnight diaper wear.  Whether it can really do that remains to be seen.  I’ll keep you posted.

I found another set of training pants from Loveybums which are made with Windpro fleece. They are supposed to be breathable but waterproof at the same time. I’m not exactly sure how that works, but we’ll see. I am also uncertain if these will be quite as effective as the Happy Heiny’s for overnight wear though.  Again, we will have to test them out.


Also available on Loveybums, which caught my eye, were their new LIOs.  These are basically All-in-One diapers with a wool outer covering (kind of like the WIO I bought from Twigandvine). I was extremely tempted to get some, but since I’ve already bought so many extra diapers for Gareth, I felt this purchase might be unnecessary. We’ll see how we go with the other diapers first…


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