Sneaky Chef: Carrots in Your Cupcakes

After my last attempt to add spinach to chocolate brownies, I promised to try another of the free recipes from The Sneaky Chef This time I tried the Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins.  Once again, I got Gavin to help me – which he was only too eager to do.

Once again, I made some slight modifications to the recipe, although nothing which I think would have affected the final outcome too much.  Gavin enjoyed the process of making the muffins immensely, especially because he was already excited by the prospect of eating muffins.

Let me explain…

A while back, I bought Gavin a book titled “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mystery of the Missing Muffins” – a book which he’s been very fascinated with for quite some time.  Although the book helped to pique his interest to taste the muffins (as you can see in the photo below where he was hovering around the freshly baked muffins and attempting to “cool” them more quickly by blowing on them), I’m afraid the muffin taste test failed miserably.  Gavin took a couple of cursory bites before declaring that he didn’t want any more.


What did I think?

For a supposedly “sneaky” recipe, this one tasted dreadfully “healthy”.  Despite the rather low quantity of carrots and the addition of peanut butter to mask the flavours, I could still taste them.  I think a little cream cheese frosting would have made it a little better, however, I would much prefer to eat a carrot cake with loads more carrots than these muffins.

I don’t think I’ll be trying this recipe again, although I struggle to figure out what to do with the excess pureed carrots in the fridge which I had better do something about.

Despite this dismal failure, I will give the Sneaky Chef one last try (third time lucky) before I make my final decision on its effectiveness on helping my son eat his veggies.

Published by Shen-Li

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2 thoughts on “Sneaky Chef: Carrots in Your Cupcakes

  1. Hahaha… good suggestion! Might try that one. I’ve been pondering how to modify a carrot cake recipe to use it up but this idea sounds pretty good!


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