Thomas and Friends PC Games

Computer games might be looked upon similarly to TV as far as toddlers are concerned, but it has been a pretty effective method of keeping Gavin entertained without leaving me exhausted.  On the scale of interactivity, I think a computer game is still more interactive than TV.  Additionally, since Gavin hasn’t quite got the hang of the mouse so I’ll play the games with him.  It’s a great way for us to spend time together without tiring me.

One of the games that we’ve been playing a lot of is the Thomas and Friends Special Delivery that I bought online.  However, even that game gets a little boring after a while, so I started looking for more games.  We’ve played the online games from the US Thomas and Friends website which offers more games than the “other countries” website, but even these games get a little stale after a while.

In the search for more educational games, I remembered the the website my SIL showed him with the Little Einsteins online games.  I went back there and found some games from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which I really liked because I felt they were more educational than the Thomas games.  My only irk about playing online games is that our internet connection isn’t the best so the loading time is very slow and streaming for the videos is dreadful.

I really liked the online games they had for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I tried googling for CD ROM games under the title.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have made any.  How disappointing.  I was actually rather surprised that there weren’t any PC games for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Luckily, there are a few Thomas and Friends PC games.  Designed with toddlers in mind, most of the Thomas games are intended to be educational.  The Great Festival Adventures has even been recommended for children aged 2 and above.  Here are the titles of Thomas and Friends PC games that I managed to find on the internet:

Trouble on the Tracks


Building the New Line


The Great Festival Adventures


Thomas Saves the Day


There were two others that I read about – Railway Adventures and Railway Print Studio.  I don’t know where you can buy the latter two, but the first four are all available from Amazon.  The shame of it is that they don’t deliver to my country – bummer.

A little more googling and I discovered that Thomas Saves the Day, Building the Line and Trouble on the Tracks are all available in Australia!  Guess where?  K-Mart, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, JB Hifi, Myer and Big W!  Or so it says on their website…  Now it just remains to be seen whether Grandma and Grandpa can find it before they visit.  If they do manage to get them, I’ll be sure to write a review on them.

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