Cooking Sessions with a Cordon Bleu Chef

My SIL, the chef, recently came back from Australia for a visit.  Whenever she visits, she’s always cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  I think Gavin really enjoys her visits because she entertains his whims and allows him to “help” her cook even if it means it takes her twice as long to do everything.  It has been good having her back because when Gavin is off cooking with her, I get a little bit of breathing space – like, for instance, last week, when the two of them baked cookies all morning.

When my SIL asked Gavin if he would like to help her cook, he wasted no time donning his Thomas and Friends apron that she bought for him during her last visit.


Cooking with a real chef must be more fun because Gavin certainly look like he enjoyed himself a lot more baking with my SIL than he did the last time I made Chocolate Chip Cookies with him.

Before cooking, we need to get everything out – utensils and ingredients.


Gavin and my SIL started with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – sorry, I don’t have the recipe, but I’m sure you can google some pretty good Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes online.  The oatmeal and chocolate chip combo creates a nice balance between healthy and yummy.  Gavin assisted by pressing in the chocolate chips.


Here is Gavin proudly presenting his work:


And carrying the tray into the kitchen all by himself:


Then checking the progress of the cookies in the oven:


Our little Su Chef made sure he audited all the work before it went out:


Gavin clearly enjoyed himself because he was still rearing to go when my SIL started on her second batch of cookies which was a rather tasty Ginger Nut Cookie recipe which I enjoyed immensely.  Although he was due for a nap, he insisted on “helping” out some more.


When Gavin baked with me, he got bored of cooking after we made our first tray of cookies.  The tip my SIL gave is: “it is all in the way you lay things out”.  The cooking scene must be conducive for participation.  Indeed, I never bothered with the extra table and making sure everything was in place before starting…

Gavin also did a little bit of taste testing of his own – to my SIL’s and my surprise – and I think he found the caramel butter mixture rather agreeable to his palate because he couldn’t stop tasting it.


I didn’t get around to taking any photos of the finished product but I’m sure my SIL will post up a few pictures on her blog soon.

Cooking can be a great activity for entertaining a toddler – if you’re up to it yourself. Unfortunately, it is not an activity I recommend doing while pregnant because it is deceptively exhausting. I discovered that the hard way the last time I tried cooking with Gavin – by the time we were done, I think Mummy needed the afternoon nap more than the toddler (HL – hint, hint… please come back again and cook with your nephew).

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