What We Did Last Week

My MIL had some errands to run on Monday, so Gavin and I decided to tag along.  While waiting for my MIL at the AIA building, Gavin saw a garden outside and kept wanting to go out.  It wasn’t exactly a garden per se but more like a driveway for cars to approach so it wasn’t exactly a very appropriate place for Gavin to run around.  In the end, we promised that we would take him to KLCC park- which wasn’t the best of ideas since it was approaching noon and the sun was high but I didn’t know where else to take him that was both outdoors and protected from the sun.

I don’t know if it was just a bad day or if it was triggered by the heat, but I started to feel really nauseous after following Gavin around the playground for a bit.  Thankfully my MIL was with me, so she took over while I sat down for a rest.  Note to self: a trip out to KLCC park is definitely NOT an “easy” activity to do with Gavin.  Thank goodness I didn’t try that one on my own.  Looks like we’ll stick to Kizsports playland for the time being where I don’t have to stress too much if I let him run off for a bit.

Gavin appears to have a fondness for natural environments because he loves going “outside”.  Even when we’re in a shopping mall, he often wants to go out into the open.  Considering I used to go hiking and rock climbing on my weekends, I wonder if he’s taken after me in that respect?

Naturally that was also the day I decided not to take the “go bag” so we didn’t have a change of clothes for Gavin in the car.  It was also the day he had to spill half a bottle of water down his front so he was drenched before we even made it to lunch (ah… Murphy’s Law).  That was how he ended up getting his new Thomas and Friends outfit from Mothercare (which incidentally gives 10% off to Citibank credit card holders – bonus!):


We had ice cream at Baskin Robbins – I had forgotten that Baskin Robbins in Pavillion has this Blue Raspberry sorbet which Gavin goes mad over because it is the colour of Thomas.  Naturally, as soon as he clapped eyes on it, he wanted no other flavour except the blue one.


Now why on earth would you colour Raspberry sorbet blue is beyond me – not that red colouring is any better.  I tried to offer some feedback to the staff at Baskin Robbins that excessive colouring is not very appropriate for children’s flavours but the serving assistant kept insisting that the Blue Raspberry sorbet was very healthy because it had no fat – somehow I don’t think we were on the same wavelength.


Gavin sensing our reluctance to get him the blue ice cream decided to plead his case but assuring us he would eat “all of it”. Knowing how stubborn my son can be when he’s set him mind on something, I knew it was pointless to offer him another flavour because he simply wouldn’t eat it.  So in the end, we let him have the blue ice cream, just this once and true to his word, he eat all of it.


On Tuesday, I took him to Kizsports where I discovered that Gavin is now comfortable sitting on rocking toys (something he never really enjoyed before).


He also kicks balls pretty well, as he demonstrated for me with the little balls from the ball pit.


Tuesday night, we took him out to the Gardens, where he managed to amuse himself for 40 minutes playing with the Thomas and Friends Motor Road and Rail Sodor Airport set on display at Isetan:


It would have been longer if we hadn’t insisted it was time to go.  You would think that having a train set at home would make him immune to such displays, but no…  I took him back the next day where he amused himself with the Thomas and Friends Mega set on display at Robinsons:


Yes, my son is truly obsessed with Thomas and Friends.

Thursday he had a haircut – more about that here – and Gavin made himself very comfortable in Daddy’s chair at his office:


He was also very busy approving artwork for some print ads:



Then we went to the KLCC convention center to look at the Home Dec fair.  We made the mistake of bringing Gavin with us, so in the end, I took him out to the park, while hubby browse through the fair.

I was snapping a few photos of Gavin at the park, when a security lady told me I wasn’t allowed to take photos.  What?  I can’t take photos in a park?  Is that for real?  Anyway, these were a few of the shots, I managed to get before she stopped me:


This was an accidental shot but if I had just moved to the right a little, I could have had a nice shot of Gavin with the twin towers in the background – dang!  No wonder I’m not a photographer…



Over the long weekend, we went down to Singapore and that pretty much wraps up our week.

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