Growth Checks for Children

My friend, V, sent me this very interesting link from The Star for checking the growth of children.  Most BMI charts we see are usually for adult reference, but this is a BMI chart for children.  Since there has been a constant concern about Gavin “losing” weight ever since he started to lose his baby fat (a normal phase all children go through), I decided to do a check once and for all.

BMI calculation for children is the same as the formula for calculating adult BMI, that is:

BMI = Weight (kgs) / (Height (m) x Height (m))

Gavin is 17.3 – that puts him in the “at risk of being overweight” category.  Considering that BMI doesn’t take into consideration bone density and Gavin is definitely “big-boned”, I think we can rest assured that he is perfectly “normal”.


If you’re concerned about your child’s growth, here are the charts to check against (just in case you can’t access them from The Star – which usually happens once the article falls into their archives):

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