Sights and Sounds: DinoTrek Exhibition in KLCC

On Tuesday, Gavin and I visited the DinoTrek exhibition at KLCC with SM and M.  We bought tickets to see the PetroSains Discovery Center and the DinoTrek exhibition but in hindsight, it might have been better to tackle each on separate days.  The PetroSains Discovery Center was a lot larger than I had anticipated, but more about that in the next post.

The combo ticket for PetroSains and DinoTrek cost us RM15 for adults and free for the kids (below 5 years old).  The PetroSains ticket alone is RM12 for adults and the DinoTrek is RM6 (I think).

Most of my photos are rather low quality because I forgot my camera and had to use the one on my mobile.  My mobile was always low on batteries so I had to be selective with the photo taking.

The DinoTrek exhibition was quite small.  They had various dinosaur exhibits, some of which were built to move – well, one of the legs might move or the head might turn.  Below: Stegosaurus


They also had lots of activities to engage the children.  Below is a dinosaur race – two predator dinosaurs (blue and red) are chasing a prey.  The predators are powered by the bicycles and the one that pedals fastest gets the prey and wins the game.


There is also a funny photo booth where you can dance with the dinosaurs and have your picture taken with several dinosaur scenes.


You stand in front of a white screen (below) and watch yourself on the TV screen (above).


After the dance, they take 5 photos which you can send to your email account.


They have a shooting game when you shoot red and green balls and try to get them inside the dinosaurs’ mouths.  The red balls represent the meat and the green balls represent the vegetables.  The idea is to shoot the red balls at the meat-eater and the green balls at the herbivore.


There is also a pretty cool dinosaur education center that teaches you about some of the different types of dinosaurs.  You can real all about them, see how they run and get a 360 degree view of them.  The device is a little like the one in Minority Report where all you have to do is point to the screen with your hand (within the frame in the picture below) and it will register which button you want to press.


A dinosaur exhibit shows a velociraptor hunting a prey.


There is a sand pit for the children to practice their paleontologist skills digging for dinosaurs.  This was M’s favourite part of the whole exhibit.


The Maiasaurus was a dinosaur that was found near its nest.


Gavin observes how the baby dinosaurs break free from their eggshells.


T-Rex versus the Spinosaurus:




There were also lots of terminals with interesting games.  Gavin enjoyed the “colour your dinosaur” one:


And “create your own dinosaur”:


Other games included digging for dinosaurs and identifying the skeletal remains, picture puzzles, and the dinosaur quiz.

It was a pretty interesting exhibit with something to engage children of all ages.  I think the two boys enjoyed themselves.

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