Art Class: Painting with Water Colours

Last week, I introduced Gavin to watercolour paints.  I bought a set of Pelikan watercolours for toddlers for RM19.90 at Times Bookstore – much cheaper than the Pelikan finger paints which cost me about RM34 for the kit.


The set comes with 3 stencils, 4 pots of paint, 1 paint brush and a plastic art smock.


Okay, here’s the confession.  I thought painting with finger paints was becoming a rather expensive practice since Gavin currently lacks portion control with the paints.  One box of Pelikan finger paints could only create three pictures.  Watercolours, I thought, would be a much more economical practice, whilst still giving Gavin the satisfaction of making a “mess”.


Although he didn’t get to paint his fingers, I think Gavin enjoyed the watercolours almost as much as the finger paints.


Our only problem was water control.  He had a habit of adding way too much water.  So much so that the paper started to ball up.  Whether that is a paper quality issue or a painting technique issue remains to be seen however.


Here is the final masterpiece:


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4 thoughts on “Art Class: Painting with Water Colours

  1. hyee!!..i just read in the papers that there will be a ‘Science of survival exibition’ at nat sc. centre from the 24th april till 14 exibits things about the cause and effects of human actions in everyday life. i dont know whether its suitable for a toddler but u can find out 🙂



  2. Hey! i think BUNCHO paint is better.Also try to get the thicker artblock paper.
    You can try Vegeprint painting too e.g. using lady’s finger aka Bendi (the stalks can be recycled,apply some paint on it and print on the artblock, or you can use the stalk of the siew pak choy it gives a ROse flower shape if i am not mistaken, The stalk of a round cabbage can be used too.

    Or you can use carrots cut in to shapes of triangle or star may be? and also use it as a print material..Or you can use POtatoes and cut in to some shapes and use as a print material too.
    Try to use medium FLAT brush for Gavin, Not too big not too small brush.Also dont get those soft bristles brush because it is difficult to use.

    And get those BUNCHO bottled paints and a palette.Scoop some color out and mix it with water on the palette.

    If you worry that Gavin is putting too much of water,Replace the cup of water with a smaller cup or bottles e.g Vitagen bottles can be recyled and used again.Fill it just enough water for him to use.
    If it gets too wet, prepare those kitchen towel or any tissue paper will do and Tell Gavin it’s to wet and teach him how to blot the water with the kitchen towel or tissue paper.

    You can teach him mix the primary colors to form secondary colors too.hmmm….
    And for kids i suggest, you use a crayon to draw a picture for him, just the borders.Or you draw with a pencil, and teach him to use a BLack crayon to draw the outlines/border of the picture.
    Then ask him to paint it using water colors.Because the Crayon is oil-based so when it’s incontact with water color the colors will remain inside the picture i.e the border of the picture drawn with a crayon prevents the water color from spreading out.

    Try it and tell me whether it works or not.


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