Childproofing: Anti-Slip Floor

Hercules slipped in the bathroom again. No matter how many times we tell him to be careful, he still runs and jumps around in the bathroom heedlessly. Hubby suggested getting some non-slip rubber mats:

shower mat


They’re great except that when you live in a tropical country where the humidity is high, mould grows quickly and the underside of these mats get pretty gross unless you are prepared to clean it and hang it up to dry frequently – which I’m not. So I needed another option.

Hubby came back with Anti-Slip Floor Coating. We had to apply two to three coats of it onto the floor (I’m sure it goes without saying that the floor must be dry during application), letting it dry for 3 hours in between applications. 24 hours after the last application, it can be used.

The verdict:

It probably isn’t quite as “grippy” as a floor mat, but it serves it’s purpose.