About Figur8 Sports

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Combat Girl and The Rockrats went on many adventures. They travelled to many wondrous destinations to scale to their peaks in the pursuit of mental and physical excellence. One day, a mysterious being entered Combat Girl’s world and blew away any semblance of the life she once knew. She turned from rock climber to Momma and she knew deep in her heart that she would never be the same again.

Despite the occasional half-hearted attempts to regain some of her former glory, Combat Girl was largely content to remain in retirement until her grandmother innocently asked her one day if she was pregnant with a third baby. She vowed henceforth that she would get back to her former fitness (or near enough) and this is her journey…

With motherhood upon her, time is of the essence for Combat Girl. Workouts and fitness routines must be easy to implement, quick to complete, and convenient to get to so that is what you will find in this blog. You will also find articles on the following subjects in the archives of this blog:

  • My past exploits in rock climbing, running and races
  • Information on rock climbing in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore
  • The relationship between the mind and the body in sports and how I maximised the interaction of both to improve my physical performance
  • Various topics on the subjects of health, fitness and weight management.
  • Using the Wii Fit for exercise, fitness and weightloss
  • Using home workout DVDs to exercise

Come join the quest for health and fitness…