About The Infinite Mind

There is a pet subject I have always been interested in – the potential of the human mind. With the boys growing older and moving out of the early learning phase, it seemed like then natural direction to move towards since any knowledge gained from this exploration will still benefit them as well. Given the shift in focus and what I believe may be potentially contentious subjects, I have decided to shift to a new blog rather than to continue on Babylicious. This blog is will still be an off-shoot under Figur8 because I still believe it ties with the goal that Figur8 is trying to achieve.

What exactly is this blog about?

I’m not sure that I can tell you exactly what you’ll read here because we are still in the early stages of exploration but I can tell you the inspirations behind it…

There is a movie “Limitless” about a man who takes a drug that enables him to tap into the full potential of his brain’s abilities. Everything he had ever seen, heard, and read was organised and available for access. In the movie, this ability was made available by a drug (which is actually not so fictitious apparently), but the idea of the possibility of tapping into more of our minds had re-awakened that curiosity – how much are we our genetics and how much can we alter with the right conditions? How much can we achieve with what we’re born with if we knew how to develop it?

Some of the methods for achieving this overlap with our exploration on child development at Babylicious, like Right Brain Education. The difference here is that we are looking beyond the development of children – we are looking at methods to help anyone who so desires it to access a greater potential of their minds.

We have already covered right brain education for adults on Figur8 and you can find it here:

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