More Home Practice Intensive Workshops from Owlissimo!

Owlissimo’s popular Right Brain Education Workshop are back again! This time, they’re offering 20 fully-sponsored seats for parents with special needs children – scroll down for details!

Owlissimo is back with another round of Home Practice Intensive Workshops:

About Owlissimo’s Home Practice Intensive Workshops

Owlissimo’s workshops are designed for parents who:

  • Have heard all the benefits of early right brain education and want to know how to practice it at home
  • Want to know how to flash cards, how to play memory games
  • Want to extend the learning activities beyond 4-6 years old
  • Want to know how to help their child learn with superb attention
  • Wish to meet a group of parents enthusiastic about home practice

Owlissimo offers two categories of workshops:

  • Basic – for parents that:
    • are new to early right brain education
    • have never attended Owlissimo’s home practice workshops
    • have children aged 0-6 years old
  • Intermediate – for parents that:
    • have some experience in early right brain education
    • have a basic knowledge of building parent-child relationship, flashcards and memory games
    • have attended Owlissimo’s basic workshop
    • have children aged 3-6 years old
    • are looking for extension activities to prepare their child for primary school

Learn more about the workshops here:

About the Speaker

MieVee is a mother of 3 right brain education and Montessori Method practitioner. She used imaging method to achieve outstanding academic performance during University and beyond. She has over 5 years experience working with parents and educators on accelerated learning, right brain and Montessori methods; and has logged thousands of hours on classes, books, articles, and consultations with other parents and educators.

Special Needs Sponsorship!

As a way of giving back to society, MieVee has allocated 20 fully-sponsored seats at the KL Workshop for parents with special needs children – 10 for the basic workshop and 10 for the intermediate workshop.

If you have a special needs child and wish to attend Owlissimo’s workshops, you can sign up here:

Application Form for Sponsorship (Special Needs Child)

(Application closes on 8 November 2015. Successful applicants would be notified on 10 November 2015.)