Brain Training Apps for the iPad/iPhone

Ever since I was little, I have always enjoyed playing brain games like the ones following. Not only are brain exercises fun to do (or so I think), they are also great for developing the brain. Here are some terrific brain training apps for the iPad and iPhone. Some of them are probably more appropriate for older children. They are great for Moms, too, especially if you’re at home with babies and toddlers and looking for mental stimulus that doesn’t involve deciphering grunts and gestures. I’m still pondering over how effective brain training exercises are on battling the “Mom Brain” which is the resultant memory loss that a lot of new mothers are afflicted with that often continues for years after the pregnancy. In the mean time, they are fun to do and they’re great for the children.

School Memory – Smartygames

Memorize in 10 seconds who is looking out the school windows. When these people reappear, there will be one new. You need to select the person that is new. There are 8 levels and with each level, there will be one more person to remember.

Flag Memory – Michael Dorn

In this game, you can train your brain with 65 levels remembering up to 10 flags within a certain amount of time. Remember the flags at the top. Once they disappear try find the flags as fast as you can. The faster you are, the more points you get.

Smart Test – Wuxi I Create

Smart Test is a brain training game that improves observation, analytical reasoning, imagination and creativity through 4 different games:

1. Shape – Identify the next shape from the pattern

2. Space – Imagine the 3D structure by folding the shape

3. Number – Identify the next number from the pattern

4. Puzzle – Identify the individual puzzle pieces

TryToRemember – borOv

Try to Remember offers a series of exercises designed to help improve immediate, short-term and long-term memory, logical thinking, and attention to detail.


SolveFig is an app for guided practice of Figure and Pattern Series Completion which is one of the main areas in Mentalability Aptitude tests. You will be give a series of images and you need to select the image that will complete the pattern series.

MindDabble – Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc.

Minddabble offers a set of mini-games that are designed to focus on 3 key elements of brain training that is Visual, Sequential and Semantic recall.

  1. Find the pairs
  2. Tap the rocks in the order they were flashed
  3. Select the patterned cards from a grid of cards

Nothing particularly unique from these memory activities (I’ve seen similar activities in other memory games) but good for providing some variation to the game – also, the app is free.

Memory++ – VirtualMaze

Random images are shown in the grid. You need to watch and memorize those images and their respective positions. In the next screen, some of the images(among the images you watched in the previous screen) will be shown on the left hand side. You need to drag and and drop those images on their correct positions.

There are two modes: ‘Train my brain’ and ‘Use my brain’. In ‘train my brain’ mode, you can choose the number of patterns, grids and grid size whatever you want. In ‘use my brain’ mode, levels, grid size, number of patterns and grids will be assigned by the system. You need to play and complete those. Overall points will be total points you gained in all levels. And points will be like bet points which you can score in a level. For every wrong moves, 100 points will be deducted from the bet points. You will be lost the game when the bet points becomes 0.

It is essentially the right brain development space memory activity on steroids because you have the option to increase the difficulty.

Brain Fitness Pro – Mind Sparke

This is the app version for the Mindsparke program designed to strengthen the brain. If you have been thinking about trying Mindsparke but are not sure, Brain Fitness Pro is a good app to try.

Proven by independent research, Brain Fitness Pro is designed to increase fluid intelligence, focus, and short term memory by more than 40% in less than 20 days with just thirty minutes of daily training. It promises to:

  • Increase your IQ
  • Improve your memory and focus
  • Shine at school or boost your test scores (e.g., SAT, PSAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE or GMAT)
  • Get a new job or promotion
  • Restore lost brain function due to aging, head injury, disease, depression, or stress

You can also get a full refund for the App purchase when you purchase any other MindSparke brain training product. All you have to do is contact with proof of purchase.

More brain training apps for iPad/iPhone.


  1. Hi. Thanks for the article. Brain games are definitely appealing, especially when they are also fun!

    Just as the first comment said, Mind Sparke is scientifically proven to work, but is not as fun. We have a new brain game collection that is based on the same science as that of Mind Sparke, but much more fun. Please check it out on both iOS and Android:

    There is a free Android version to try it out. iOS free version is coming.

  2. Thanks Nathan. I’ll check it out.

  3. Nathan H. says:

    Brain App is a fantastic option for iPhone and iPad:

  4. Hi Elysa,

    Mindsparke does look different from the other memory games. Definitely not as fun, but I read a detailed review of it from someone who used it and they said it really worked. It takes 30 minutes though so you need to be able to set aside the block of time to concentrate on it. I bought the app (much cheaper than buying the online version) just to try but haven’t actually had the time to give it a go yet. I’m not entirely sure I even know what I’m supposed to do! I’ll let you know when I finally do.

    As far as I know, there aren’t really any complete packages of right brain education products. The closest you will find is probably the Wink program by Right Brain Kids or the photographic memory kit. Unfortunately, you still have to get different activities from different sources. Mandala is available from Home Education Singapore. Memory Magic has three main activities on the computer which you can see here:

    What’s good for a 7 yo? The Wink Kit is a good place to start but you can also follow the suggestions here:

    I hope that helps.

  5. Elysa says:

    Hi Shen-Li,

    Is the mindsparke games different from other memory games? I downloaded the one for iPhone and feel that it’s not the usual memory games I see before. I was interested in trying it but they don’t offer a free trial.
    Also, can you suggest a whole package of right brain education product that includes all there is about the right brain development such as tangrams, mandala, stereogram, linking memory, etc.?
    What do memory magic and photographic memory kit include?
    I’m at loss as to what exercises to start my 7yo son and what’s next.


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