Learning is Fun with Hestia

Hestia makes learning fun through music. These songs teach children about history, geography, and science. Here are some of the songs by Hestia:

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  1. shia says:

    very true! thank u so mch shen li! 🙂

    yes, now that uve mentioned, i do recall reading a post on it! thank you! and tq for your prompt reply 😉

  2. Hi Shia,

    We play CDs in the car and sometimes when we’re at home. Usually when we’re at home, I’ll play them in the background while they play. You don’t have to worry, they will absorb it even though it appears as if they are busy doing something else. It is a protective function of nature that ensures they absorb everything from their environment because they don’t know what’s important to know and what isn’t and to make sure they learn the important stuff, they take in everything. I hope that makes sense. I wrote about this some time back…

    There’s another example, when my younger son was busy listening to music on youtube. I was in the kitchen talking to my husband about my older son who was in the bedroom reading book 7 of How to Train Your Dragon. When the song finished, my younger son, came to the kitchen and asked me, “Where’s koh koh?” And I replied, “In the bedroom.” Then my younger son said, “Reading no. 7!” Subconsciously, he had heard the conversation between me and my husband even though he wasn’t even in the same room (but still within ear shot) and we weren’t talking to him.

  3. shia says:

    hi shenli,

    when u play the CDs, especially for Gareth since u mentioned he is receptive to the music, in what situation do u play them?

    for me, i only play the CDs when we are in the car and ds only wants to listen to a certain song in the CD. when we are at home, i tried to play audio books but he doesnt respond to it. he thought it is a video hence he will sit in front of the computer.
    when i try to distract him with something while playing the audio book in the background, im not sure if he is listening because he would run about, in and out of the room and etc. ?



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