How to Make Your Toddler Feel Special

Lately Gavin’s been picking up a lot of bad habits and I’ve come to realise that these habits are all related to Gareth.  For instance, sucking his hands – Gareth is at the stage where he loves sucking on his hands and from time to time we’ll wipe the saliva off his hands.  Gavin – who has never liked getting his hands dirty or putting things into his mouth – recently developed a habit of sucking on his fingers.  Then he’ll come to me fussing about his wet hands and wanting to have them wiped dry.

Despite the fact that he is very protective of Gareth, Gavin still manifests sibling rivalry in other forms.  Picking up these “baby” behaviours, I suppose, is one way.

How fortunate it was that I received a Baby Center article in my mail box today titled “Simple ways to make your child feel special“.  Here it is in a nutshell:

  • Create little morning moments
  • Snuggle and cuddle
  • Make up special stories
  • Ask for help
  • Break the rules
  • Have fun at bedtime
  • Get silly
  • Use your words
  • And just pay attention to the little things

I’ll leave you to read the details from the original article.  What caught my attention was an interesting idea about making special story books about your child for your child.  There are several companies that create personalised story books.  They range from a simple story with the name of your child inserted at various points of the story, to fully personalised stories containing photos of your child with a specially written story about your child.  Some of these companies also offer personalised music CDs for your child.

Personal Child Stories is basically a laminated book with photos and a unique story written based on the photos.  If you really wanted to, you could make your own story using a colour printer, some digital photos and Powerpoint.  In fact, part of the Glenn Doman “Teach Your Baby to Read” program encourages you to create your own books for your child to read.

What I like about the books from Kids Personally is that they incorporate your child’s picture into an adventure story.  Granted it is a template story, but it is still a neat idea.  Custom Story Books also offer the same idea, however, they appear to have a smaller variety of stories to choose from.

If you’re artistic and good with photoshop, you could create your own personalised adventure for your child.  That would probably be the ultimate story book for any child.