Recommended Parenting Blog: The Skeptic Dad

This post was from another suggestion that came up when I tweeted about not having any new ideas about what to write about on this blog.  The suggestion was that I review other baby blogs.  I decided to expand a little on the theme to post about parenting blogs or rather any blogs related to parenting that I enjoy and to make Thursday my day to recommend a Parenting Blog (or RPB day).  This is the first of my RPB posts so stay tuned for more to come every Thursday.

The first blog I’d like to draw your attention to is called Science-Based Parenting by the Skeptic Dad.  No guesses why I like this blog…  In a day and age where we are bombarded by so much media regarding what to do, how to do, what’s proven and unproven, I believe it is important that we, as parents, take everything we see and hear with a hefty pinch of salt.

Prior to this, my motivations for being science-driven were due to the fact that I was receiving too many hearsay parenting advices that seemed to me to be of rather dubious nature (e.g. bathe your jaundiced baby in Guinness and it will cure him of jaundice).  Now, it seems we should also be wary also of the things we read in the media because there really is a large spectrum of opinions when it comes to raising children the “right” way.  Hence I enjoy Skeptic Dad’s parenting perspective of “trust no one, question everything”.

The Skeptic Dad is one of the many participants in the Carnival of Skeptical Parenting (the 4th of which has recently been posted). Among the Skeptic Dad’s myriad of “skeptical” blog posts, I recommend a few noteworthy posts:

  • What drives the Skeptic Dad from “My Christmas Letter ‘Zine“.
  • A look at a study regarding Dad’s involvement in the children after birth – boy I’m glad I insisted that hubby be present during the delivery!
  • I largely subscribe to the Sears’ theory of parenting, but I’ve always been interested in the converse views as well.  Here’s an easier read of the debate between Offit and Sears on the subject of vaccination schedules.
  • And you can always find useful tidbits of information like where to find a handy list of “non-toxic toys“, especially now that we have been warned about some of the questionable toys made in China.

While I might not agree with everything on the Skeptic Dad’s blog, it is great to read a different perspective that challenges my own personal views because it helps me to get a check on whether my own biases have affected my critical assessment on the validity of information I have come to accept.  Re-examining my own views helps to further enforce and rethink the flaws in my accepted beliefs.


  1. figur8 says:

    Being a young Dad is tough. I’m glad you have such a mature and positive outlook towards it. I’m not sure I was ready for much at 19… Kudos to you.

  2. I’m now 19 and experiencing being a dad. I must say although it feels good it’s still hard. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but to be honest, the hard part is having to balance time. My daughter is great and makes managing her never dreadful. -Teen dad

  3. figur8 says:

    My pleasure. You have a great blog there. Definitely a good read especially since you’ve covered quite a number of topics that have also interested me in my journey as a parent.

  4. Thanks for recommending me, and not only that, but also for visiting my archive and making comments on previous posts. It’s nice to know people are reading and appreciating my articles.