Review: Thomas Sticker Express

Since my SIL2 started using a sticker rewards system with Gavin to encourage good behaviour, I’ve been looking around for Thomas stickers.  Some time back I saw 200 Thomas and Friends Stickers at MPH for RM20 but I didn’t buy it – what a big mistake.  Since then, I’ve been hunting through all the MPH Bookshops I’ve come across looking for those stickers without success.

So when I spied the following Thomas Sticker Express at Borders Bookshop in the Gardens yesterday, I bought it without a second thought (it was the only one left on the shelf).  A colouring book with over 700 stickers for RM50 – I thought it was a good deal since I was already prepared to pay RM20 for 200 Thomas and Friends stickers.

Needless to say, the stickers have been pretty effective in getting Gavin to be extra cooperative.  Definitely RM50 well spent!  And I haven’t even gotten to the part about the colouring pictures, yet!


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