Kindermusik Trial Class

Gavin attended the Kindermusik trial class at Kizsports today.  It’s the first class he has attended since our rather unsuccessful trial gym class at the start of the month.  Although I had some reservations about taking him to class again, since I had already made the reservation at the start of the month, I figured we might as well try it out.  Also, since Gavin loves music, I thought he might enjoy these activities better.

Kindermusik is basically a series of activities that involve dancing, movement, sound-making with instruments and story time.  The class is forty-five minutes long and is intended for parents and children to attend together.  Although these are pretty basic activities that you could probably do with your child at home, I thought that the value of attending the class was for Gavin to interact with other children and to observe other little people in action.

I had originally intended to bring him to the class early so he could familiarise with the room before the other children and parents started flocking in.  As it turned out, there was a massive traffic jam due to the Merdeka performance practice so we were a little late when we arrived.  When we got to the class, everyone was already in the circle.  Gavin was fine up until the moment I sat us down next to D and her daughter S (whom we already knew from Fitfor2).  I thought the familiar face would help a somewhat but it didn’t.

I took him to the back of the room and managed to distract him with some pictures painted on the wall.  We spent the rest of the class in the corner – which I thought was a vast improvement to his gym class where he insisted on leaving the room altogether.  He did seem rather curious about what the other kids and parents were doing because he kept watching them.  He also accepted the bells that the teacher handed out, although he wouldn’t take the hoola hoop.

It seems quite clear that Gavin’s dislike is not the class per se – because he seems to be interested in what’s going on – but that he doesn’t like the structured nature of the activities.  Basically, he doesn’t like being in the circle.  After class, I had a chat with the teacher (she told me her name but the Mummy brain has forgotten) and she told me the overall concept of the class.

The semester is 12 weeks and they generally try to regulate the class by keeping the same students and parents together so there is a sense of familiarity.  The activities and the music are also repeated each week in a familiar structure that the children can get used to.  The teacher said it was fine for Gavin to stay in the corner if he doesn’t wish to join the group but the fact that he’s curious about what they are doing is a good sign.  She also said that the music CD that they use is available for purchase if we want to take it home to play for Gavin so that even the music will be familiar.

Before we left, I asked Gavin if he wanted to come again next week and he nodded.  So now I’ve decided to take it one class at a time and see how he goes.  If he looks more interested and we get another good session, I might consider signing him up for the semester.

It was a Mummies gathering because we bumped into B and C and their children E and A and joined them for lunch afterward.  They were attending the Kindermusik class for infants and toddlers under 18 months old (Gavin’s class was for children 18-36 months).

I took Gavin to Playland after the class and he had a blast.  This time he required no persuasion to go in and he literally danced with joy as he ran about the place.  All in all, I think he really enjoyed himself.

I don’t know if it was the chance to run around or whether today was just a great day, but I noticed that Gavin’s appetite really picked up today.  He ate lunch – albeit, not a lot, but at least he didn’t reject the food – he had a big snack after waking up from his afternoon nap and he ate a LOT for dinner.  Is there a correlation?  Stay tuned for next Thursday’s post to find out.


  1. figur8 says:

    Yeah, well, neither is Gavin so I’m quite content for him to observe the activities in the class and not participate.

    Playland is really fun though. If you and Jack do come up to KL, we can bring the boys there and let them run around to their hearts content. Playland is like a huge jungle gym – even I had fun crawling around all the tunnels and sliding down into the ball pit…

  2. I took Jack to Julia Gabriel and he wasn’t too keen so we didn’t even sign up for the trial class. I guess he isn’t too fond of structured play, just like Mommy. :p


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