Heat Intolerance

I think I’m developing heat intolerance. I’m starting to feel hot all the time which is quite an unusual feeling for someone who’s more like a reptile ever searching for the sun and a nice warm rock to soak up the rays on. Considering that I normally take an extra blanket to bed because the air conditioning temperatures that the hubby requires for a peaceful night’s rest would otherwise turn me into an ice cube by morning, it’s quite a change to wake up in a sweat or discover that I’ve kicked off all the blankets.

The fan that used to cool me now feels like an oven of hot air against my skin. Tenaga’s little stunt of cutting the power this morning was nothing short of intolerable.

I’m wondering if my lethargy of late is heat related? I felt like a beached whale this morning and didn’t want to move anywhere that might bring on a burst of unnecessary sweating. Hard to imagine what it’s going to be like later considering I’m not even half the size I’m going to end up.

I called up Tenaga about the power outage and they said that it would be fixed in half an hour. Hmpf! Knowing these services, half an hour was very likely a conservative estimate. Since I couldn’t do anything without power and didn’t feel like reading, I lay on the bed trying to soak up some Vitamin D until I fell asleep. By the time I woke up – about an hour and a half later, the electricity was back on.

They say that the baby follows the mother’s body’s rhythms. Does that mean my baby will sleep really well since I’ve been sleeping so much?


  1. figur8 says:

    Oh dear…

    Hard to imagine that I am having issues with feeling sticky considering the hubby used to call me a “grot”.

    It never used to bother me, but I find myself taking more showers now because I can’t tolerate the feeling!

  2. pinlean says:

    P.S. You will probably find that you’ll be sweating even more once you begin breastfeeding! I know I always had that problem because I would be faint with heat while Emilie contentedly suckled, and my mum would always admonish me for having the air cond on full blast and the standing fan blowing right into my direction. A friend of mine told me she gave up breastfeeding after 2 weeks because of this: the heat. She was always sweating as well and couldn’t stand the feeling of being sticky all the time.

  3. pinlean says:

    Hey there. Developing heat intolerance in pregnancy could be normal. I always found myself sweating more profusely, and taking numerous showers in a day just because I couldn’t stand that sweaty icky feeling. All normal, don’t worry! In my case, it seems to have spilled over to post-delivery, because now I also can’t tolerate heat anymore. I need to have the air cond running all the time! I figure also cos I was breastfeeding (just stopped a week or two ago), so that could be the trigger factor as well.