Welcome to Figur8! We believe that that education is not about filling a child’s head with information; it is about developing the whole child – heart, mind, and body. [Read more...]

Minecraft Education in the Classroom

Minecraft - whether you love it or hate it, there are two things you cannot deny: lots of kids are crazy about it; and it offers some great educational opportunities. With G1 getting into … [Read More...]

Parenting: Discipline – The Restorative Justice System

Discipline has got to be one of the hardest tasks of parenting. We want to raise moral children who can feel empathy for others. When our children behave in a way that goes against that, it is hard … [Read More...]

If Gesturing Helps Children Retain What They Learn, Can Learning to Sign Also Help?

Movement helps to boost children's learning - it is a theory called "Embodied Cognition" where the link between the brain and the body can help children to gain a deeper understanding of the material … [Read More...]

Parenting: Why Dads Matter – The Essential Role of the Father

It used to be that when it came to the children, it was Mum's domain. Mothers would handle everything related to the children, except perhaps the really big disciplinary issues where Dad's … [Read More...]

Teach Your Kids the Real Key to Happiness

When you ask parents what they want for their children, a common word that often comes up is "happiness". The problem with happiness is that we don't often know what makes us happy. Some of us think … [Read More...]