Figur8 Update! Notice of Change to Babylicious!


With my boys out of early childhood, it didn’t really make sense to hang on to the name “Babylicious” anymore so we have decided to evolve Babylicious into Figur8 – Nurture for the Future.


Figur8 babylicious-logo

Main Changes to Figur8 and Babylicious

So here’s what’s changing: our new homepage can be found at Figur8 Blog Housekeeping on The Figur8 Blog will be home to all future posts. If you would like to be notified of new posts and updates, please subscribe to the following:


Top Posts on Raising Successful Children:

Top Posts in Education:

If you’re looking for old articles from Babylicious, they will still be accessible at the Old Babylicious Blog Home.

Specific Topics from the Babylicious Archives you may be looking for are here:

My Other Blogs – which have undergone some changes as well: